Superior Top Coat Sealant

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Plaster Paint is proud to offer this amazing top coat, which has been formulated to provide you with the hardest most durable finish ever! Perfect for wood, bath tubs, countertops, ceramic tile, metal, ETC...

Made for indoor and outdoor use.

It is non-yellowing UV protected product.

Use with your Plaster Paint Restore Synthetic Series brush or Cling ON! brushes.

Allow to dry and harden for at least 4-6 hours before applying second coat.

Surface will be completely cured and at its hardest after 7 days.


Disclaimer when using the Superior Top Coat Matte;


Over dark, old wood, like mahogany you will need to follow these steps for bleeding or leeching through your LIGHT color Plaster Paint.

Chances are you have seen that pesky pink, or inky spotty color bleed or leech through your Light Colored water based Plaster Paint. It is possible to STOP the bleed &/or leeching. Follow these simple steps, thoroughly clean the project (let Dry), seal the entire project with our amazing product “TOP COAT SUPERIOR” make sure to get into all the intricate detail of the project, dry times vary due to weather and humidity once dry the project is ready to paint using Original Plaster Paint product line. Every piece and situation varies, the goal is to get a solid coat all over the wood to prevent bleed &/or leeching through the paint. The amazing “Top Coat Superior” is available in matte or gloss.